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Having already explored World War II through the perspective of the many, many CGI ships and dopey love triangles we lost that day, Pearl Harbor director Michael Bay is preparing to revisit WWII from another, probably disorienting angle. The Wrap reports that Bay has signed on to produce and possibly direct Sabotage, based on a book proposal from Neal Bascomb under the full name Sabotage: A Genius Scientist, His Band Of Young Commandos, And The Mission To Kill Hitler’s Super Bomb—a title that lacks only His Super Hot Girlfriend, Like Seriously, She Could Be An Underwear Model, And Maybe He Also Drives A Sweet Ferrari If Those Were Invented Yet to get Bay behind the camera, toot sweet.


For now, Bay is only attached to help develop the true story of a brilliant scientist who escaped the Nazis in 1942, then helped lead a group of Norwegian commandos on a suicide mission to take out Hitler’s secret nuclear program. As the synopsis reads, “with little more than parachutes, skis, tommy guns, and explosives, the team is the Allies’ only hope to halt Hitler’s nuclear ambitions,” and the only hope Michael Bay has to blow up some Hitler shit in the mountains. It’s uncertain if Bay will actually take on the film himself—he’s currently making some rumblings about doing a “self-financed horror movie” next—but if he does, maybe expect to see Megan Fox added in somewhere, if only so Bay can show her what a real Hitler looks like.

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