Signaling his maturation as a filmmaker and a growing boy, Michael Bay’s interests are moving from action figures to video games, with the announcement that he’s pursuing an adaptation of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon at Warner Bros. As Variety reports, game manufacturer Ubisoft is currently meeting with screenwriters and—“should he spark to the script”—Bay will likely direct, leaving the giant robots of Transformers and Pain & Gain scattered on the floor as he plays with his video game military men instead. Ghost Recon tells the story of a fictional group of Special Forces agents who function as the President’s private team, taking down international threats that he can’t hit with drones for some reason, and doing their job with the kind of stealthy, surgical precision only Michael Bay can capture.

It’s the third major franchise adaptation Ubisoft has launched so far, including the Michael Fassbender-starring Assassin’s Creed and the Tom Hardy-starring Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell (the latter to now be distinguished by its tagline, “This Is The One With The Goggles”). It's also the first of what could be several more years of Michael Bay playing with video games, before he enters his difficult teens and starts directing films about doing whip-its with that no-good Danny behind the Carl's Jr. Michael Bay, how many times have we told you to stay away from that kid?