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Michael Bay to direct a time travel movie that sounds like one of his other movies

The Island

With control of the Transformers movies currently safe in some other mighty hands of steel, Michael Bay is free to work on some other films. His Benghazi drama, 13 Hours, is still in the works—and the fact that it exists in the first place is still pretty weird—and now The Wrap is reporting that Bay’s next directing project will be an adaptation of Wesley Chu’s sci-fi novel Time Salvager.

The book is about a convicted criminal in the future who gets drafted into some kind of time travel team tasked with going into the past and stealing resources that can help humanity survive. On what’s supposed to be his last mission, the main guy ends up meeting and rescuing a woman who was supposed to die in an accident. The two of them escape to the future and go on the run from whoever’s in charge of making sure things like that don’t happen, and eventually—we assume—they fall in love and kiss as the camera spins around them a bunch for no reason. This is a Michael Bay movie, after all.


That last bit sounds familiar, though. Two characters form a forbidden relationship of some sort, and when an outside force tries to keep them apart, they break out of a sci-fi thing and go on the run in a world where they don’t belong. Isn’t that basically the same premise as Bay’s The Island? And maybe a few of the Transformers movies? Bay’s made a lot of great art in the past, so we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt here. But we imagine that even the internet wouldn’t go easy on Michael Bay if he ever made a bad movie.

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