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Michael Bay heading under the sea

After journeying to the outer limits of space, giant robots, and Mark Wahlberg’s acting ability, Michael Bay will soon follow the lead of other blockbuster directors and little mermaids and head under the sea. The Hollywood Reporter says Paramount has picked up an untitled adventure pitch for Bay to produce and potentially direct, one where its plot details remain a mystery, possibly even until after it premieres. However, it is known that this thriller will be steeped in “real science”—though few who have seen Armageddon, which was based on the writings of Carl Sagan, would expect anything less from Michael Bay. And it’s also known that it will have an “undersea component,” as Bay journeys down to where each little clam here knows how to jam here. That’s why it’s hotter under the water. (Also because of the fireballs.)


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