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Michael Bay experiments with new kind of bombing at Samsung press conference

Hoping to lend a patina of artistic credibility to the CES presentation of its new curved 4K TVs, Samsung naturally turned to a man known for using his words and relating to human beings: Michael Bay. Unfortunately, as so often happens in his movies, the machines revolted, and Bay was left floundering by a teleprompter that refused to provide him with the all-important script that he so reveres as a filmmaker.

“Hollywood is a place that creates, uh… viewer escape,” Bay says in the below video. “What I try to do as a director is I try to…” And here Bay breaks off with a heavy sigh, followed by a groan of disgust and an angry snipe that “the type is all off”—and thus, not properly capturing his feelings about his art in a way he could just hurry up and read, before being allowed to return to the gifting suite.


Samsung’s executive vice-president Joe Stinziano encourages Bay to just “wing it,” and simply speak from the heart about the imagination and creativity that fuels his work—or failing that, say something about how Bay’s own movies might look pretty cool on an expensive TV. To say anything, really, that might fill this uncomfortable void.

Bay opens his mouth. Frustratingly, a car chase does not come out. And so, out of ideas, he’s forced to beat a hasty retreat—the first Michael Bay bombing he’d prefer no one see.

[via Deadline]

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