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Michael Bay drops Megan Fox from Transformers 3

According to an exclusive report from Deadline, Megan Fox has been dropped from the upcoming Transformers 3, a decision that “ultimately” came from Michael Bay.  Let this be a lesson: Michael Bay will not stand for anyone calling him “Hitler” or “a nightmare to work for,” even if you look like Megan Fox and represent a huge percentage of why men over the age of 12 are interested in your robots-go-smash movie.

Deadline has a fun recap of all the very public back-and-forth slagging Fox and Bay have engaged in over the last couple of years for your entertainment. In the meantime, Bay and screenwriter Ehren Kruger are said to be retooling the script to include a new love interest for Shia LaBeouf’s character (about which he’ll probably have some very negative things to say sometime around 2013), and will reportedly begin casting for a new, less backtalk-y female lead immediately.

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