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Michael B. Jordan is hot, and Johnny English is still an idiot, in today's trailer happy hour

Photo: Michael Gibson (HBO)

Welcome back, friends, to Trailer Happy Hour, where we combine all the day’s trailers—the ones that didn’t blow our minds simply by existing, anyway, like Terry Gilliam’s The Man Who Killed Don Quixote—and wrap them up in one nice little package for you, complete with an easily clickable bow. Today, we’ve got a self-styled Grey Gardens prequel, a lot of shots of Michael Shannon and Michael B. Jordan smoldering, and the apparently much-demanded return of Rowan Atkinson’s third-most-popular comedy franchise, so hey, let’s dive in.

First up: A full trailer for Johnny English Strikes Again, the third outing in Atkinson’s spy-spoofing comedy series. We’re not entirely convinced that the return of Johnny English demanded the “iconic pop song slowed down to sound sad and menacing” treatment—even ironically—but Atikinson remains as pleasantly deadpan and buffoonish as ever, and still seems apparently perfectly capable of taking the hard physical comedy knocks that have long been his stock in trade.


Next up: Göran Olsson’s That Summer, which is being released through IFC Films and Sundance Selects. Featuring footage shot in the 1970s by artist Peter Beard, the documentary, like Albert and David Maysles’ cult classic Grey Gardens, heavily features eccentric Long Island residents Big Edie and Little Edie Beale. Beard’s footage predates the Maysles’, though, highlighting a summer in which the Beales entranced a number of New York artists, including Andy Warhol. Olsson’s film opens in theaters and on VOD on May 18.

Finally, we’ve got an extended look at HBO’s upcoming Michael B. Jordan movie, Fahrenheit 451. Based on the Ray Bradbury classic, this new trailer features many of the same lines—many of them shouted by that excellent shouter, Michael Shannon—that featured in the film’s recent teaser trailer. But we also get a much more in-depth look at the book-hating, Blade Runner-esque future it takes place in, as well as a better sense of Jordan’s character, Guy Montag, and his arc from enthusiastic book-burner to word-loving rebel. Fahrenheit 451 premieres on May 19 on HBO. 


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