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Michael B. Jordan apparently pitched Warner Bros. on a Superman movie

Photo: Bennett Raglin (Getty Images)

Variety recently put together a lengthy update on the future of DC superhero movies from Warner Bros., and it includes an interesting tidbit about Superman—who Warner Bros. has had a hard time really getting a hang of lately. Apparently, the studio has had “discussions” with J.J. Abrams, who has some experience reenergizing media properties that have gone a bit awry, but it doesn’t sound like anything serious will necessarily come of that. On a slightly more official note, Variety says Michael B. Jordan actually had a meeting with the studio earlier this year in which he pitched Warner Bros. on “a vision” for Superman.

Warner Bros. was presumably intrigued by whatever he had to say, but Jordan wouldn’t commit to a big superhero project because filming wouldn’t be able to happen for a few years and he has a bunch of things in the works already. Variety says there are no current Superman projects in development at Warner Bros., so we’ll most likely have to wait until Warner Bros. exhausts all of its other ongoing superhero projects before it considers this Michael B. Jordan movie. Meanwhile, Henry Cavill is still hopeful that he’ll be able to play Superman again someday, even though he freely admits that a few of his Superman-related movies were bad (some might actually argue that all of them were bad).


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