Photo: NBC

It’s been more than a quarter-century since Michael Mann’s Miami Vice captured the cultural zeitgeist with its grim, unflinching depiction of how police officers are all incredibly sexy. Now, according to Variety, none other than Vin Diesel is looking to bring the show back at NBC by executive producing a reboot that will reflect today’s sexy police officers, as well as the many changes the past 27 years have seen in cocaine.

Diesel’s One Race TV production company is reportedly working with Fast & Furious screenwriter Chris Morgan on the new Miami Vice for NBC, though at the moment, there are no further details beyond the fact that it will be “based on the original series.” That series ran for five seasons, from 1984 to 1990, chronicling the brooding, sockless adventures of Don Johnson’s Sonny Crockett and Philip Michael Thomas’ Ricardo Tubbs as they worked together to bring down Miami’s narcotics dealers, going deep undercover inside blazing pastel suits and shiny, Phil Collins-blasting Ferraris. The show ended when Collins released …But Seriously, and both officers resigned in disgust. Later, Mann revived the show as a movie in which Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx listen to Phil Collins, but through an appropriately 2006 nu-metal filter.


It’s currently unknown how Vin Diesel’s detectives will dress, or exactly what kind of cars they will be blasting Phil Collins out of. But one presumes the cops will be sexy and the Phil Collins will be loud, and that the cocaine they’re busting up will be a heavily stepped-on, synthetic imitation that fails to capture the rush of the original.