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The collection of black jumpsuits André “3000” Benjamin wore throughout this summer’s Outkast 20th anniversary reunion tour will go on display next month as part of an art exhibit titled I Feel Ya: SCAD + Andre 3000 Benjamin. SCAD, in this case, is the Savannah College Of Art And Design, which will stage the exhibit is part of Miami’s Art Basel 2014. Aside from displaying all 47 of the custom suits Benjamin created, it will also feature abstract paintings from artist Jimmy O’Neal and an experimental film from Greg Brunkalla. The title itself is a reference to one of the jumpsuit messages, which also include “passionate about compassion,” “obviously oblivious,” “F#CK 3000,” “andre-now-thousand,” “fruit snack addict,” and, most notably, “art or fart?”—a question that has now been answered.


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