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There has been much speculation over who the next James Bond will be, but play your hand of baccarat right, and it could be you. For the first time in its existence, Britain’s MI6 is openly recruiting—a big step, considering that the government didn’t acknowledge that Bond’s spy agency had a real-life counterpart until 1986.

Before you apply, however, you may want to put down that bottle of Mouthon Rothschild. The Eton-educated, caviar-guzzling 007 isn’t quite what the UK intelligence service is looking for. The agency is looking to buck England’s long tradition of elitism by reaching out to the working class, stressing that an Oxford education is far less important than “emotional intelligence” and that social interaction, empathy, and self-awareness are more important skills for the job than sexual prowess, downhill skiing, and jumping speedboats over things.


MI6’s operations mostly involve their agents getting close to foreign nationals who may have access to sensitive information, and the job rarely involves rappelling into a volcano fortress or dodging bladed bowler hats. So when you’re on that job interview, choose your witticisms carefully, they may be your last. You know, before the interview ends.

(via Buzzfeed)

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