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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Man, 2005 was a rough year. Back then, all we had was MySpace and bulky digital cameras powered by disposable (not lithium) batteries. We didn’t even have iPhones at the time. And the lo-fi recordings that came out of the music industry then? Now that was some harsh-sounding shit.

We managed, somehow, to pull out of those dark technological times, but one label had the vision to use today’s science to improve and preserve yesterday’s long-forgotten albums. Because, really, without the remastered re-release of MGMT's 2005 EP Time To Pretend (available now through Cantora Records), how else would we ever relive the offbeat story of two wide-eyed college kids who hit it big on a whim? Never mind the constant radio play, the ubiquitous “Kids” as the theme song to every current teen drama, and the band's opening slot for Paul McCartney at Boston’s Fenway Park in August. No, we want real MGMT history—stuff that dates back to at least four years ago. So thanks, Cantora, for the free download of “Destrokk” off Time To Pretend—and for keeping the memories alive.


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