Having somehow convinced its 100-plus creditors to just, like, chillax for a while until it gets its head in a better space, MGM is beginning a slow climb back to fiscal solvency that includes handing the keys over to Spyglass Entertainment—and which, if unsubstantiated speculation and Ian McKellen can be believed, may result in The Hobbit and the next James Bond going forward as early as January and fall 2011, respectively. Unfortunately it still doesn’t have the resources to release two of its other high-profile films: Coming Soon reports that the Red Dawn remake once scheduled for a Nov. 26 release has been pushed back to a “date to be determined,” which is bad news for all the conservative blogs thirsting for some old-fashioned Commie blood. And you’ll also have to wait until at least January 14 to finally see Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon’s similarly old-fashioned, decidedly not 3D horror film The Cabin In The Woods—though we wouldn’t be surprised if that premiere gets shuffled again. In an official statement released today, MGM also asked if anyone gots a quarter for the bus? It’s just gotta get across town, man, it’s not trying to rook you.