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First booted up three years ago and only now finally loading its director prompt, MGM’s remake of WarGames is moving forward on an update aimed at today’s Internet-bred audiences, telling the story of how you’ll never believe how my sister’s cousin made $7,240 in four weeks starting a global thermonuclear war from home, click here for more info. According to The Wrap, Project Almanac director Dean Israelite is stepping in for the departed Seth Gordon, replacing the latter’s retro-’80s technology fetishism with his own familiarity with time travel.


The latest draft of the script hails from Arash Amel, whose work on the Nicole Kidman-starring Grace Of Monaco has obviously given him experience with mechanical simulations. And in the running for the lead of the “teenage hacker”—the kid who unwittingly uses his computer to unleash a world-destroying virus, when he should be destroying it the normal, systematic way through comments—are The Fault In Our Stars’ Ansel Elgort and Mud’s Tye Sheridan. Their names are both believed to be randomly generated strings of characters, so they should fit right in.

It’s believed that in this new WarGames, everyone will discover that the only winning move is not to play, then to tweet about it, followed by ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

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