Ignoring the warnings of the wise old shamans of the Internet, MGM continues to build a new Poltergeist on top of the sacred resting place of the old one, even as it threatens to disturb the bones of Craig T. Nelson. Deadline reports that now the film/desecration has been put in the hands of director Gil Kenan, whose work on Monster House and City Of Ember has demonstrated he’s familiar with possessed homes and things that no one sees. Kenan will still be paired with producer Sam Raimi, in a creative partnership that recalls the original’s Tobe Hooper/Steven Spielberg relationship, as MGM shows him where the remake’s new bay windows and swimming pools will go, over this bulldozed, musty old movie cemetery from the primitive 1980s. “Don’t worry about it,” MGM will tell him. “It's not ancient tribal burial ground. It's just… movies. Besides, we’ve done it before.”