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MF Doom is… Hannibal Buress?! (No, not really)

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Photo: Vivien Killilea (Getty Images for Adult Swim)

This weekend was the Adult Swim Festival, which is sort of like the Gathering Of The Juggalos for people who like to dress like Rick and Morty, and Pitchfork is reporting that Flying Lotus brought out a pretty surprising guest during his set: noted supervillain/rapper MF Doom. He’s been part of the Adult Swim family for years, and he has the sort of dedicated fan following that lends itself to, again, a place where a lot of people are dressed like Rick and Morty, both of which mean that his unexpected arrival must have been pretty exciting for the Ricks and Mortys in attendance. However, in a shocking rejection of his core gimmick, Doom then removed his mask, revealing once and for all that the rapper is none other than comedian Hannibal Buress.

The mind reels. Has Doom been Buress this whole time? Was Doom in that Spider-Man movie, and if so, is the Latverian dictator a high school teacher in the MCU? Actually, no. It was just a gag, and pretty funny one at that, especially since it’s become a hallmark of MF Doom live appearances that you don’t really know if it’s actually him behind the mask or not. At this point, anyone who thinks they’re seeing MF Doom live should just assume that they’re actually seeing an imposter, whether the imposter is Hannibal Buress or not.


(Still here? Good, because we were just kidding before. Hannibal Buress is totally MF Doom and has been the whole time.)

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