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Mexico tells Trump to fuck off in this Conan Without Borders clip

The newest installment of Conan Without Borders will see Conan O’Brien visit Mexico in an effort to bridge a seeming cultural divide—that, and call Trump’s bluff on his claims that Mexicans will pony up the money for the border wall. In this clip from the episode, which debuts next week, O’Brien launches an unofficial pledge drive, with rewards that include an “I paid for the wall” tote bag. But it earns him little more than laughter and disgust.

That disgust is directed towards the president, of course, and not the red-haired giant who’s walking their streets. In fact, O’Brien gets plenty of hugs from sweet old ladies, but when he presses one gentleman on coughing up the pesos, the guy just donates the bird. He’s obviously following former Mexican president Vicente Fox’s example.


Speaking of which, Fox and Diego Luna will join O’Brien for Conan Without Borders, which airs March 1st on TBS.


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