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Method Man denies that Divorce Court woman was something to fuck with

Earlier this week, the sick-ass clique that is the Internet got together on the same “Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nuthin’ to fuck wit” refrain, after a man, Nathan Sellers, went on an episode of Divorce Court to claim that his girlfriend, Lia Palmquist, slept with the entire rap group. More than making a mockery of the institution of divorce, the incident made a fool of the Wu—and Method Man has now responded to those allegations with his usual tact and diplomacy, declaring that the woman doesn’t know him, and definitely doesn’t know his style. He further called the woman out for being too old and busted for the “bustdown” behavior of which she stands accused.

“That shit’s fake I would’ve remembered her,” Method Man wrote on an Instagram post by Wu-Tang tour manager Simon Green. “I would’ve spotted her and said which one of u bitches brought the chaperone. She’s clearly an old-er thot.” Having stabbed her with the rusty screwdriver that is calling her an older “That Ho Over There,” Mr. Meth proceeded to keep feeding her, and feeding her, and feeding her age-based insults: “And should know better with her old ass,” he added.


“Truth [praise hands emoji],” Green said, agreeing that Palmquist was obviously way too old for the 44-year-old rapper to be interested in her sexually. Furthermore, as he explains to The Mirror, “I have a general rule—no girls on the bus unless they want to talk about music, politics, or chess.”


While Green’s edict would align with Palmquist’s claims that they spent that one “amazing” night “talking and politicking,” as well as with the song “Da Mystery Of Chessboxin’,” Green does admit that sometimes those girls are interested in more. “What you have to understand is some girls are ‘thirsty’ and throw themselves at the guys,” he says. “But the band are polite and well mannered boys and sometimes girls mistake signals as friendliness.”

But then, it was always Sellers, not Palmquist, who made the original assertion of her thirstiness, while the latter concurred with Green that “the Wu-Tang is nothing but gentlemen.” Though, Green suggests that even Palmquist’s story of merely hanging out with the group is a lie. “I can’t remember her and I remember most of the girls,” he said, denying her even this, the most minor of tangential glories.


In Palmquist’s defense, however, maybe she just became confused, and actually spent the night with any of the 200 or so Wu-Tang “affiliates” out there—the vast global reach of which makes it so none of us are more than two degrees of separation from the Wu-Tang Clan.

[via Death And Taxes]


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