After four seasons of POV shots of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman crushing Sudafed, pouring hydrochloric acid, and breaking up sheets of blue crystal, most fans of Breaking Bad probably have at least somewhat of a working knowledge of how meth is made. Well, now there’s a way to test that knowledge without the danger of getting blown the hell up, thanks to this nifty browser-based mini-game from Flavour Machine, which apes the style of the mega-popular Nintendo DS game Cooking Mama and uses it to slightly more nefarious means. Follow a super-kawaii Walter through feats of tapping, shaking, and pouring as you try to ignore that hideously repetitive music (maybe queue up The Black Seeds’ “One By One” to listen while you play), then reward yourself with some sweet blue rock candy, for a wholesome day of role-playing as New Mexico’s top cook.