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Metallica's James Hetfield and M83 are also designing clothing accessories now

Following the news that Big Boi is designing socks comes two more music-related fashion announcements: M83 will be joining Big Boi in the footwear industry with a limited-edition line of Converse sneakers, and for the other end of the body, Metallica’s James Hetfield will be launching his own line of sunglasses.

The Hetfield” is in collaboration with Sutro Eyewear, costs $219.99, and comes in both black and tortoise. Hetfield has channeled his inner Guy Fieri to design shades that have hinges said to be 10 times stronger than average, non-Metallica-affiliated sunglasses. While The Hollywood Reporter says the shades are “a good middle ground between a classic frame shape—one that reads “grown-up”—and one that reads “rocker dude,” the 48-year-old Hetfield himself describes them as “built to look faster than a speeding riff and to handle the life of a road dog like me.”


The M83-inspired Chuck Taylor All Stars are slightly less ostentatious, running a mere $65 and featuring the band’s logo reimagined as what looks to be a sketched-out constellation. The French electro group is also running a contest with the shoe company to find artists to produce some new Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming inspired posters.

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