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Metallica chose to postpone a tour last year and postponed another tour just this week due to the global coronavirus pandemic, but that’s not going to stop the Metallica boys from bringing rock music to all of us who are being good humans by staying at home and not needlessly going out and interacting with people. As reported by Billboard, the band announced yesterday that it’s going to start streaming footage of an old concert every week on YouTube and Facebook as part of a new series called Metallica Mondays (the concerts will be streamed on Mondays and they will feature Metallica). An Instagram post announcing the series didn’t say how long this will last, but Metallica’s been around for a while. It must have a pretty deep catalog of old concerts.


That being said, the inaugural Metallica Mondays show isn’t especially old. It’s from June 8 of 2019 and was recorded at Slane Castle in Ireland. If you missed it back in June or on Monday, you can check it out below. Also, even if you don’t really care about Metallica, this is at least something you can do while staying away from other people. You could even put it on mute and watch music you do like! Just pretend that Metallica is really shredding that new Sufjan Stevens album while a bunch of Irish people cheer and shove each other.

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