The acting powerhouses in Metallica are set to star in a new feature film from the relaunched Picturehouse distribution company. The band members will play themselves in Metallica Through The Never, which follows a young roadie, played by Chronicle’s Dane DeHaan, who's sent out on a crazy errand during the band’s set. Written and directed by Nimrod Antal, the combination concert movie and narrative film is due out theatrically Aug. 9, landing on Netflix shortly thereafter.

According to Metallica’s resident quote machine Lars Ulrich, the band’s “way of doing things is to jump into unexplored creative endeavors with no safety net whatsoever,” which is something that should come to no surprise to any of the band’s fans or even casual observers. Ulrich says the group has spent “the last couple of years” working on the movie and that it’s been “a pretty wild ride.” Not unlike the wild ride DeHaan’s character is sure to go on, since he works in the wacky world of rock ‘n’ roll, right?