Encouraged by the response to their recent disaster movie Lulu, Metallica has begun making plans to self-finance another questionable collaboration you won’t be able to look away from, hiring Journey To The Center Of The Earth producer Charlotte Huggins to help them craft a 3-D feature film. Though there’s no word yet on what shape the Metallica 3-D movie might take, Huggins’ trips through the third dimension also include the upcoming performance film Blue Man Group: Mind Blast, so it’s possible that Metallica is planning a 3-D concert experience not unlike U2 3-D or Glee, and that James Hetfield’s mug will soon get the extreme, tactile close-up for which 3-D technology was created. Though, at this completely speculative stage, we suppose it could also be a 3-D follow-up to Some Kind Of Monster in which the whining is totally in your face.