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Metal drummer doesn't find Satan "quite as cool" as he used to after COVID-fueled hell dream

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Contracting COVID-19 already sounds terrifying on a physical level, but Will Carroll, drummer for thrash metal band Death Angel, has made it seem even metaphysically spooky, too, by telling the San Francisco Chronicle that his experience with the coronavirus involved a trip to hell.

After being diagnosed with the virus following Death Angel’s European tour with Exodus and Testament this past March, Carroll was placed on a ventilator and put into a medically-induced coma for almost two weeks. The Chronicle article includes Carroll’s description of his “dreams of visiting the afterlife” while in the coma, which include him seeing “himself leave his body and plummet down to hell, where Satan—a woman in his case—punished him for the deadly sin of sloth.” Carroll says he saw himself turned “into a Jabba The Hutt-like monster who vomited blood until he had a heart attack.”

“I’m still going to listen to satanic metal,” Carroll told the Chronicle, but added that he doesn’t “think Satan’s quite as cool as I used to.” Now that he’s at home and recovering, Carroll also said he’s “adopted a belief in a higher power” and, while still planning to have “the occasional hard cider” and edibles, is done with “hard alcohol [and] bong rips.”


Carroll may say that all of this has shown him that Satan isn’t all he’s cracked up to be but, honestly, blood-vomiting Star Wars demons sound pretty fucking rad to us. Regardless, we’re just glad Carroll is now healthy, happy, and free from the clutches of both COVID-19 and the Dark Lord himself.

[via Consequence Of Sound]

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