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Meryl Streep to play a rock star in a new Diablo Cody movie

Meryl Streep, Diablo Cody, and Jonathan Demme—Academy Award winners all—are teaming up for a new indie dramedy called Ricky And The Flash. Written by Cody, the film will star Streep as an “old, fading rock star” who abandoned her family to pursue her career. Years later, she tries to reconnect with her estranged children as one of them goes through a difficult divorce. The role sounds a bit like Streep’s prickly matriarch in August: Osage County, and if she can pull her sparkly Mamma Mia spandex jumpsuit out of storage, she should be ready to go. Demme  is set to direct the project, which is currently being shopped out to various studios. Given the impressive collection of talent, it’s likely to find a home quickly. [via The Wrap]


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