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Meryl Streep celebrates her 20th Academy Award nomination with a fitting GIF

Photo: Handout/Getty Images

The 2017 Academy Award nominations were announced this morning, and with them came the realization that no one will ever receive more Oscar nominations than Meryl Streep. Her latest Best Actress nod for Florence Foster Jenkins marks her 20th. President Donald Trump must be seething.


It’s pretty standard for nominees to release a written statement or yak it up with a major outlet in the aftermath, but Streep’s been there and done that. Seriously, what else is there for her to say? Kudos to her then for eschewing empty cocktail words and letting a GIF do the talking (er, dancing) for her.

As the Los Angeles Times tells it, a Paramount publicist sent out an email this morning saying, “Please find the following GIF as a statement on behalf of Meryl Streep.”

It took some hunting, but the Times eventually discovered the GIF was pulled from Paul McCartney’s 2013 music video for “Queenie Eye,” which features Streep cutting a rug alongside other celebs like Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Sean Penn (who unsurprisingly looks like he’s having a horrible time).

While it may be fair, at this point, for one of the other nominees to win, a Streep win would give us another acceptance speech.


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