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Merriam-Webster helps Ivanka Trump out with the meaning of “complicit”

(Photo: CBS)

You can add recently appointed presidential adviser Ivanka Trump to the list of people who should probably look “burnt” up in the dictionary, courtesy of the social media team at Merriam-Webster. During a recent teaser for a CBS interview about her new role in the White House, Trump said she wasn’t sure what the word “complicit” meant in terms of her father’s administration. (She also said her goal is to be a “force for good.”) MW was quick to help her out:


The dictionary company has previously provided similar services to Kellyanne Conway, helping her out with the meanings of words like “fact” and “feminism”. Each tweet apparently came after searches for the meanings of the words spiked in Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary.

This isn’t actually the first time Ivanka and “complicit” have been linked; MW posted a similar piece last month after SNL mocked the First Daughter with a faux-perfume commercial poking at her support for her father’s policies.

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