Screenshot: Funny Or Die

Here’s a delightful example of “ask and you shall receive”: After photos surfaced of Dr. Harold Bornstein, the physician who wrote Donald Trump’s rather overenthusiastic letter of health back in December, people immediately began to compare him to Dr. Brakish Okun, Brent Spiner’s eccentric scientist character from Independence Day.


It’s an easy leap to make, especially because the real-life Bornstein apparently wrote Trump’s recommendation in five minutes. And, like Spiner’s character, we’re not sure he’s allowed out much. So, naturally, Funny Or Die decided to call in Spiner himself to put his own spin on Dr. Harold Bornstein. And the actor—who recently reprised the Okun role in Independence Day: Resurgence—was more than game.

Trump’s Doctor Is The Scientist From Independence Day (ft. Brent Spiner) from Funny Or Die

In Spiner’s hands, Bornstein’s odd letter suddenly makes complete sense: He wasn’t praising Trump; he was trying to warn us that the GOP nominee is actually part of “an ageless hive-minded alien species intent on harvesting a planet’s resources and driving the native population to extinction.” Or as Spiner’s Bornstein explains, “Donald’s lab tests were not astonishingly excellent. They were astonishing because his blood work revealed he isn’t a carbon-based life form.” Sounds about right.


[via Funny Or Die]