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Long before Christopher Nolan masterminded superhero blockbusters and labyrinthine thrillers, he was just a humble filmmaker interested in telling small, simple stories, like the reverse-chronological tale of a man afflicted with anterograde amnesia hunting for his wife’s murderer using clues he’s tattooed on his own body. As a reminder of how far he's come, Nolan’s breakout Memento will celebrate its tenth anniversary with both a special edition Blu-ray and a limited theatrical re-release on Feb. 17, appearing in a select group of cities for one night only. Each screening will be followed by a recently taped video Q&A between Nolan and Guillermo Del Toro, who just likes being a part of things. Here’s a list of selected theaters; any last-minute additions will be announced on this page.


Rave 18, Los Angeles, CA

UltraStar Mission Valley 7, San Diego, CA

Studio Movie Grill Holcomb Bridge 9, Alpharetta, GA

National Amusements Legacy Place 15, Dedham, MA

Village East Cinema, New York, NY

Studio Movie Grill 9, Arlington, TX

Studio Movie Grill City Center 8, Houston, TX

Rave Fairfax Corner 14, Fairfax, VA

Cineplex Scotiabank 9, Vancouver, BC

Cineplex Varsity 12, Toronto, CA

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