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Meme returns from 2010 to hump saxophone, remind us of simpler times

For many years, saxophones were inherently funny, a chintzy vestige of ’80s soft-rock romance with no real place in sophisticated modern music. All that has changed, of course—now the saxophone pops up unironically in indie rock records, on jazzy hip-hop freak-outs, and even on their own post-apocalyptic opuses.

Back in 2010, though, one saxophonist was able to corral his extremely corporeal passion for the maligned instrument into viral fame: Epic Sax Guy, who originally appeared on a Eurovision song contest to represent the country of Moldova, and, after a few moments of unremarkable but extremely energetic singing and spinning, emerged in a cut-off shirt and sunglasses to fuck that saxophone right into our hearts:

And here it is isolated to just Epic Sax Guy:

He became something of a follow-up to the Rickroll, and was utilized and repurposed in much the same way:

Anyway, he’s back, and with him comes images of all the glories of 2010: our disappointment at the early years of Barack Obama, our avid interest as to whether or not Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were dating, probably an unforced interest in consuming more kale, and so on. Please, Epic Sax Guy, come fuck that saxophone on the internet of 2017, now while wearing sleeves:


He will probably be repurposed by Mike Cernovich to both suggest and not suggest men’s rights within hours. Enjoy now while this meme is still safe.

[via New York]

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