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Members of Arcade Fire, The Sadies collaborating on new material

Over the weekend at Guelph, Ontario’s Hillside Festival, Arcade Fire’s Richard Reed Parry revealed that he and Dallas Good of The Sadies have been writing songs together for the past few years.

Parry was performing his seldom seen "Quiet River Of Dust" project (originally commissioned for an All Tomorrows Parties festival curated by The National), accompanied by Little Scream and Stef Schneider (Bell Orchestre) when he invited Good onstage to perform a song together. As you can see in the Vine below, both Parry and Good sing and play on this original, airy, and mellow composition.


The two became friends after they performed an Everly Brothers song together in a workshop at the Dawson City Music Festival in 2008, where the Sadies and Parry’s Bell Orchestre were both invited to perform respective sets. Parry and Good stayed in touch and, whenever their busy schedules permit it, they get together and write songs.

At Hillside, Parry joked that the process was slow, with maybe three songs written a year, and added that a full record might be available “by the time I’m 40.”

The Sadies’ new album, Internal Sounds is out September 17 and Arcade Fire’s untitled new LP is due out October 29.


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