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Melissa McCarthy’s Michelle Darnell adds Kristen Schaal to its collection of Kristens

The Last Man On Earth

Melissa McCarthy’s upcoming comedy Michelle Darnell continues to build up its roster of Hollywood’s most talented K-named comic actresses, with the production announcing today that Last Man On Earth and Bob’s Burgers star Kristen Schaal will be appearing in the film. Schaal will be joining Kathy Bates and fellow Kristen-Club-member Kristen Bell in McCarthy’s story of a former captain of industry who attempts to rehabilitate her image after being imprisoned for insider trading. (Peter Dinklage, whose name has its own fun K-sound buried in the middle, will also appear.)

So far, the casting notice only reveals that Schaal will be playing “a scout leader,” the kind of role that the actress, with her mixture of wide-eyed cheerfulness and gleeful derangement, could murder (possibly literally) with ease.


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