(Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Melissa McCarthy and her husband/collaborator Ben Falcone recently sold a series to TV Land, and now they are executive producing a comedy pilot in development at Fox, according to Variety. The show is being created by writer-performers Jim Cashman and Mitch Silpa, who are members of the extended McCarthy universe. (You probably remember Silpa from his turn as Flight Attendant Stove—sorry, Steve—in Bridesmaids.) He also has appeared in McCarthy vehicles like Spy and The Boss, the latter of which was directed by Falcone and also featured Cashman. Variety reports that series isn’t going to diverge wildly from familiar sitcom tropes by charting an “unconventional family” made up of “a successful type-A man and his estranged sister, plus her two children” who all live together.

McCarthy’s still angling to retain her crown as queen of the R-rated comedy box office as well; she’s currently starring in another project she co-wrote with Falcone, who will also direct. This one’s called Life Of The Party.