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Melissa McCarthy is "the most average person on Earth" in the first Superintelligence trailer

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Superintelligence is not to be trusted. Why? Because it posits that anybody would be calmed by the voice of James Corden. Still, it might be funny! The HBO Max comedy stars Melissa McCarthy as Carol Peters, described by those in her orbit as “the most average person on Earth.” That distinction, however, makes her the perfect study subject for a “technological superintelligence” that’s weighing whether or not it wants to destroy humanity or save it.


With the apocalypse potentially looming, Carol is pursued by agent-of-some-kind Sam Richardson as she attempts to reconnect with a lost love played by Bobby Cannavale. The A.I., voiced by Corden, better not sing “Bustopher Jones.”

Check out the trailer below:

The film arrives with an accompanying campaign, 20 Days Of Kindness, which will find HBO Max highlighting and donating $20,000 to a “different good cause daily for 20 days.” AT&T kicked off the campaign with a $1 million donation to Girls Who Code. Learn more here.


Superintelligence, which also stars Brian Tyree Henry and Jean Smart, arrives on HBO Max on Thanksgiving Day. It’ll also play in select cinemas internationally, presumably in countries that didn’t fuck up their response to the coronavirus as much as we did.

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