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Melissa McCarthy and her writer-actor husband, Ben Falcone—recently seen as McCarthy’s make-out partner Air Marshall Jon in Bridesmaids—have co-written a comedy pilot for CBS. The show would be a starring vehicle for Falcone, so if the network picks it up, not only will the other guys in the writing room at The Looney Tunes Show have to stop calling him "Mr. Melissa McCarthy,” the two of them could lunch together every day at the CBS commissary and hold hands while talking about how things are going on their respective sets. That wouldn't be enough to get us to watch Mike And Molly, but whenever saw the commercials for it, we’d at least think about that scenario and go "Awwwww." Anyway, according to Entertainment Weekly, the as-yet-untitled show is about "a single 37-year-old man… who loses everything he has in the real estate collapse and finds himself back home in the house he grew up in with his parents." And yes, that sounds a bit like Chris Gethard's 2010 Comedy Central series Big Lake, but nobody really watched that show, and so far as we know Gethard isn't married to anybody famous, so who cares?


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