Gilmore Girls

Like a delicious pecan pie, Melissa McCarthy’s reaction to her absence from Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival has parted its salty crust to reveal a sweet interior. (If that’s actually how pecan pies work. We wouldn’t really know, not being klutzy, fan-favorite pastry chefs.) After previously telling Twitter that she and her character, Sookie St. James, hadn’t been asked to participate in the project, she’s now suggested that it was a problem of miscommunication, and not fast-talking, flighty malice, that kept her out of the new Stars Hollow.

Talking to E!, McCarthy said she thinks the show’s staff thought she was busier than she actually was, presumably on account of the whole “being a movie star” thing, and that that’s why they hesitated on an invite. “I think they thought I was busy,” she told interviewer Marc Malkin. “And then by the time it did come up, then I actually was.” But she also wishes the project the best—a little more sincerely sounding than in her original tweet—and doesn’t write off the possibility of appearing on a revival of the revival, whenever that inevitably happens. “I want to cook again. I want to put salt and then stir. That was seven years of my life and it was really great. I was proud of that show.”


In other Gilmore Girls news, both Dean and Logan are still expected to return, presumably because no one involved thought they’d be busy, because Christ, why would they be?

[via USA Today]