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Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer to become superheroes for Netflix

Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images), Frazer Harrison (Getty Images)

According to Deadline, Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer are both “wrapping up deals” to star in Thunder Force, a Netflix movie about people “who obtain superpowers.” That’s all we know, so it’s still unclear if this is specifically about two women who get superpowers or if there will be a larger Justice League-style team backing them up. It would be fun if there were a Chronicle-style twist where one of them became a villain, but we have no idea if that’ll happen. If it is just the two of them, it better at least end with a stinger about them joining the Thunder Force initiative or something with some other famous people. Or, hell, maybe McCarthy and Spencer can just play themselves, reacting to the sudden super-abilities like they would in real life? (These ideas are not free, Netflix. Pay up if you want to use them.)

Either way, Thunder Force will be directed by Ben Falcone, who happens to be McCarthy’s husband, so there’s a very good chance those deals they’re wrapping up are going to work out just fine.


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