In her first recurring TV role since 2007's Viva Laughlin, Melanie Griffith will join the cast of Fox's Raising Hope, where she will play the mother to Shannon Woodward's character Sabrina and presumably have some tangential encounters with the family raising said baby. "But wait, I thought Melanie Griffith maintains her clearly youthful appearance by eating babies! How can Fox allow her to get near to and possibly eat that baby?" concerned viewers whom we obviously made up for the purposes of a dumb joke are already crying out. "As part of her contractual stipulations regarding appearing in Raising Hope's third-season premiere and an as-yet-undetermined number of episodes thereafter, Melanie Griffith has agreed to not eat any babies," reads a concocted press statement not at all released by the network. "Mmm, babies," Melanie Griffith most definitely did say while eating babies, however.