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Melania Trump once again recoils in terror from her husband’s touch

Screenshot: YouTube

Yesterday, we all reveled in the photographic proof of the fact that First Lady Melania Trump recoils at the thought of touching her husband’s hand. As the two strolled along a Saudi Arabian red carpet, she could be seen unsubtly swatting his roving, no-doubt damp paw away from hers—just the latest in a saga of her grimacing through their every public appearance together. Today, the saga continues, suggesting that the president’s Twitter privileges have been revoked on his international tour to keep him from getting angry and turning these important diplomatic meetings into opportunities for him to yell about MSNBC’s ratings. How else can you explain the fact that the same damn thing happened today as they arrived in Rome?

The maneuver here is subtle but decided, an instantaneous response from the stimulus of his hand touching hers to immediately find something else for that hand to do—say, brushing one’s hair out of one’s face, or fleeing in terror to the sanctity of a skyscraper in Manhattan.


Of course, Donald Trump’s hands have long been the subject of concern, whether it was his boastful admission of sexual assault, his debased equation during a televised presidential debate between hand size and dick size, or his equally child-like attempt to literally strong-arm the world’s leaders when he meets them. Fortunately, they seem to be getting a little wiser to that power move, as evidenced by this recent jerk-off with President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon:

The world’s elite are learning what Trump’s family has always known: This guy is a fucking creep. Let him get away with nothing. She looks like she’d impeach this guy herself if she could.

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