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Mel Gibson was almost part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Gibson at the 2009 Guys' Choice Awards, which believe it or not are still a thing (Photo: Getty Images)

Imagine, for a moment, a world where Mel Gibson and not Anthony Hopkins played the role of Odin, King of Asgard, Protector of the Nine Realms, and father of hunky thunder god Thor. What would that world look like? Probably a lot like the world we live in now, honestly, except with a lot more goofy memes juxtaposing Gibson in an eyepatch with quotes about sugar tits and the Jews and whatnot. (What? He said it, not us.)

Anyway, Gibson said as much in a new interview with The Guardian where he says, “Yeah, long time ago, to play Thor’s dad. But I didn’t do it,” when asked if he had ever been approached to be in a superhero movie. Now, Gibson isn’t naming 2011’s Thor by name here, but it stands to reason that that’s the film he’s talking about. (The Guardian assumes as much, saying that the role eventually went to Hopkins in a footnote.) Unless, of course, he’s referring to 2005’s Son Of The Mask, which co-starred Bob Hoskins as the Norse All-Father. Depends on your definition of “superhero,” really.


[via /Film]

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