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Ah springtime, when the air is filled with the scent of honeysuckle and Mel Gibson screaming "cocksucker," and a director's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of how he can take advantage of Gibson's ongoing image problems with a publicity-grabbing cameo. According to Deadline, this spring Robert Rodriguez is the one hoping to give Gibson's wanton lapwing another crest: a role in the rapidly mounting sequel Machete Kills, which will find Danny Trejo's hacking-and-slashing vigilante hunting an arms dealer who's developing a satellite weapon, then hacking and slashing him. (As previously reported, this all eventually leads to a third chapter, Machete Kills Again… In Space, a film whose title will still necessitate clarification that, yes, it is real years after its release.) Whom Gibson will be playing other than "Look, it's Mel Gibson!" is still a mystery—though much like his new Get The Gringo, the specifics of Gibson's character is probably less important than his symbolic import, as most likely Gibson will once again seek ablution by allowing angry Mexicans to kick the shit out of him. Their knocks are the April showers that bring May flowers, whose petals cover all the "Jew" stuff.


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