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Mel Gibson set to play an old spy in Every Other Weekend

Blood Father

Mel Gibson is in talks to play an old-guy spy in Benjamin Rocher’s upcoming action-espionage film, Every Other Weekend. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the story will center around an as-yet-uncast father and son traveling in Paris, with the former suspecting the latter of being a CIA spy. And proving that sleuthing is a learned trait, it turn out the father’s father is actually the spy.

Presumably the patriarch gets his younger kin out of an international incident, along with some witty banter that mends familial divides, with a bumbling, milquetoast relative proving their worth in the third act. Conjecture aside, Every Other Weekend includes an end-of-year production start set on location in France. That should give Gibson time to complete filming of The Professor and the Madman with fellow hothead Sean Penn, and to do the publicity rounds for his latest directorial feature, the upcoming Hacksaw Ridge.


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