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Mel Gibson ready to start saying spontaneous things in public again

Painfully aware that a man cannot be redeemed by beaver puppets alone, Mel Gibson is making cautious inroads toward restoring a reputation that’s been raped by a pack of arrests and amateur recordings over the past few years. After recently vowing to reconcile with the Jews by making the story of Hanukkah a lot more interesting, Gibson will use that same momentum to make a Jan. 21 appearance at Hollywood’s Egyptian Theatre, then say things in the extemporaneous manner for which he is known. Gibson will present a Mad Max triple feature, then stick around for a Q&A session moderated by the L.A. Times’ Geoff Boucher. So, start thinking of questions you might like to ask Mel Gibson! (Like, was that prosthetic in The Man Without A Face uncomfortable? I bet it was uncomfortable.)

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