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Mel Gibson gets his very own Hurricane Heist in the Force Of Nature trailer

Illustration for article titled Mel Gibson gets his very own iHurricane Heist /iin the iForce Of Nature/i trailer
Screenshot: Force Of Nature (YouTube)

Unfortunately for literally everyone, Force Of Nature is not a remake of the 1999 rom-com, but with Sandra Bullock and Ben Affleck replaced by Mel Gibson and Emile Hirsch. See, this one is Force Of Nature, singular, and there’s only room for one eponymous loose cannon in this here rodeo: Our good friend Mel. His latest action thriller might not be an ode to the willfully forgotten rom-coms from the turn of the Willennium, but it is a movie starring two problematic actors, which is the least Hollywood can do.

As you can see, Force Of Nature is part of that delightful sub-genre of natural disaster thrillers, and not unlike Hurricane Heist, this one centers on a couple of good MEN (a few good men would be excessive given Mel’s competence) trying to stop some very bad Dudes from heisting money—specifically, $55 million improbably hidden in an apartment building where Mel Gibson is doing his very best impression of a Three Stooges member while looking like an absentee dad. Also, and this is important: Why is Mel Gibson’s mouth so... red? Like he just disemboweled the Kool-Aid man and performed a cannibalistic ritual with his corpse as an offering to whatever goat god has ensured his continuing success.

Force Of Nature, everyone! It also stars Kate Bosworth and David Zayas and it’s available on VOD and Blu-ray on June 30.

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