The third volume of Mel Gibson’s Wacky Celebrity Rants has turned up on RadarOnline, raising the question of when we’re going to get a proper box set of these things. Much like Lethal Weapon 3, the series is showing signs of fatigue, without even the added benefit of a comically mismatched Joe Pesci. In this entry, Gibson continues screaming himself hoarse over money or something, and even makes a halfhearted attempt at capturing some of his previous meme magic with the phrase, “Your logic sucks, because you’re a fucking mentally deprived idiot.” On the other hand, he uses the words “wetbacks,” which expands upon his racist repertoire slightly—sort of like a jazz trumpeter experimenting with different time signatures. It may not be as groundbreaking as his earlier releases, but this may prove to be a crucial step in the evolution of Gibson’s sound.