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Mel Gibson dropped by his agency as two exponentially more batshit audio tapes surface

It was a busy end of the week for the William Morris Endeavor agency, as when it wasn’t issuing defensive statements regarding Edward Norton’s alleged superpowered dickishness, it was quietly backing away from Mel Gibson. The agency announced that it would no longer represent Gibson as the actor’s career continues to go up in flames, not unlike a house set on fire after a particularly satisfying session of oral sex. The timing couldn’t have been better considering this weekend also saw the leak of audio from Gibson’s Making Violent Threats In The Basement Tapes—in both original and holy-crap-even-crazier flavors—for all your dance remix-making needs. (Expect to hear “You should just fucking smile and blow me, because I deserve it” looped over a house beat any day now.)

The content of these is obviously NSFW, containing non-stop profanity, the occasional racist bon mot, and some genuinely unnerving threats from an unhinged, raving, hyperventilating Gibson. Among the most damning evidence is that Gibson seems to confirm that he did hit ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva in the face (“You fucking deserved it!”), but really, it’s all pretty vilifying. At one point Gibson angrily laments, “My career is over”—which is amazingly prescient, considering he hadn’t even heard the tapes yet. You can check out the first tape below; the second, far more maniacal exchange is being hosted exclusively on RadarOnline.

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