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Mel Gibson and John Lithgow might star in a Daddy’s Home sequel

(Photos: Getty Images/WireImage, Steve Granitz)

In 2015, Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell starred in the comedy Daddy’s Home, which featured Wahlberg as a cool daddy and Ferrell as an uncool step-daddy. Based on the commercials, the plot involved the two of them feuding for the love of some kids, and it leaned pretty heavily on computer-generated motorcycle shenanigans. The film ended up making a reasonable amount of money, and the studio gave the green light to a sequel last April.

We still don’t know anything about that sequel (will it have more computer-generated motorcycles?), but now a Deadline report suggests that we might be getting a few more famous daddies this time around. Apparently, both Mel Gibson and John Lithgow are in talks to star in the sequel opposite Ferrell and Wahlberg, and though the Deadline story doesn’t say who they might play, the safe bet is that they’ll be the daddies of the original film’s daddies.


Deadline says “offers are out” and that “it looks promising,” but no deals are in place just yet.

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