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Mel Gibson and Charlie Hunnam find Waldo, but not the famous Waldo

Photo: John Phillips (Getty Images)

Mel Gibson’s inexplicable Hollywood forgiveness tour continues, with The Hollywood Reporter saying that he’s teaming up with Charlie Hunnam and Eiza Gonzalez for an “action-packed thriller” called Waldo. The movie will be directed by Tim Kirby, a veteran of Veep and Fleabag, and it’s based on a series of books about a guy in a striped sweater who frequently gets lost in a crowd. Oh wait, no, it’s not about that, but it is based on a book called Last Looks by Howard Gould. That books is actually about a disgraced LAPD detective named Charlie Waldo who is “living the life of a minimalist in the woods.” Eventually, though, he gets “roped back into working as a private eye” when the wife of a TV star gets murdered. He also may or may not wear a striped sweater and get lost in crowds, but it’s unclear.

Either way, Hunnam will play Waldo, and it would be some fun-ish meta-casting if Gibson plays the TV star. Maybe there can be a scene where he goes on an anti-semitic rant?


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