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Mel Brooks is starring in an autobiographical one-man show

Mel Brooks, the comedy legend who directed Blazing Saddles, History Of The World: Part I, and Spaceballs, is coming to the stage. Brooks is no stranger to the theater, having taken Broadway by storm with stage adaptations of his films The Producers and Young Frankenstein. But this time, Brooks is taking center stage, as he’s putting on a one-man show full of reminiscences about his life and career that’s described by the show’s producer as “a platform to tell some of these great stories that he has in an intimate fashion.”

“Intimate” best describes the venue for Brooks’ show, the 500-seat Gil Cates Theater in Los Angeles. At least some of the performances will be filmed, so it’s possible the show will see wider release in some form, at some point. Just in case it doesn’t, however, Angelenos are encouraged to snap up tickets to the show, as we know from experience that Brooks has a lot of great stories to tell.


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