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Megyn Kelly shares predictably unhinged teaser for Alex Jones interview

(Image: Infowars)

Megyn Kelly seems to be explicitly using her new position at NBC News to give airtime to people with dangerous or controversial viewpoints, first with Vladimir Putin and now with Alex Jones, the shirtless creep who recently lost a high-profile custody battle because he’s such a shirtless creep. Kelly’s interview with Jones—who is also behind the largely conspiracy theory-based Infowars website—won’t air until next week, but she just released a teaser that really wants to make people think she’s actually going to be challenging him on some of his more fucked-up beliefs.


This comes from Uproxx, and though it’s tempting to think that Jones’ unhinged rambling will clue viewers into the fact that he’s not someone you should trust, Kelly is still giving him a huge spotlight on a real TV network that he can use to promote his favorite brands of bullshit. She may be calling him out for his claims that the Sandy Hook shooting was a hoax, but she’s still giving him an opportunity to defend that repugnant argument.

Then there’s the kicker, where he talks about how everyone will probably make fun of him for claiming that the government created “animal-human hybrids,” which feels a bit too obviously silly. There probably won’t be a moment where Jones and Kelly start laughing and agree that he’s playing a really funny character on his Infowars show, but it does feel like he’s playing up that “character” for Kelly’s sake.

Either way, Alex Jones is going to be on NBC next week. What a time to be alive.

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